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Farm Small Farm Smart

Mar 29, 2023

Episode 2 in The Lettuce Grower Series focuses on selecting the correct lettuce variety to grow. Ray will give you some guidelines on what to consider when choosing the appropriate lettuce variety for your climate and the time of the year.

This 10-part series is hosted by Diego Footer from @paperpotco, and the presenter...

Mar 22, 2023

This is the first of ten episodes in The Lettuce Grower Series. Diego Footer, from @paperpotco, hosts the series, and the presenter is farmer Ray Tyler from @rosecreekfarms.   

Episode 1 is all about why market farmers should grow lettuce. Ray will explain how lettuce can contribute significant cash flow to your farm....

Mar 1, 2023

This week, Diego talks about crop rotation: what it is, why consider implementing it, and some effective strategies to implement it on your market garden.


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