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Farm Small Farm Smart

Mar 22, 2023

This is the first of ten episodes in The Lettuce Grower Series. Diego Footer, from @paperpotco, hosts the series, and the presenter is farmer Ray Tyler from @rosecreekfarms.   

Episode 1 is all about why market farmers should grow lettuce. Ray will explain how lettuce can contribute significant cash flow to your farm. It's a valuable crop that can be grown year-round in most of the US. Most customers like it, making it an easy sell. The hard part is mastering how to grow it consistently. In this series, Ray will get into details to help you do that.

The series follows Ray's book The Farmers Guide to Growing Organic Lettuce. You can get the book here.

Ray also has an online course dedicated to growing lettuce. Learn more about the course here

Get tools to help you grow lettuce at Paperpotco.