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Farm Small Farm Smart

Nov 25, 2022

In this preview episode of our new show - The Profitable Mini-Farm - farmer Jodi Roebuck @roebuckfarm discusses where John Jeavon's biointensive gardening and market farming come together. Check out the first episode of the new show next week.

Jodi Roebuck, a world-renowned contemporary market gardener, uses traditional...

Nov 18, 2022

When doing an initial layout design for your farm, how do you think about what goes where? What teacher-turned-farmer Chad Gard of Hole in the Woods Farm took into account during their initial planning phase were field blocks and crop rotation. Now, their field blocks are rotated in a 12-year cycle,...

Nov 11, 2022

While 30-inch beds are the standard for market gardening, it may or may not be the best bed width to implement depending on the farm’s context.

In this episode of Farm Small Farm Smart, farmer Dean Buttacavoli of Cabbage Throw Farm shares his experience throwing pathways out the window and converting their entire plot...