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Farm Small Farm Smart

Jan 13, 2016

Scott Hebert started farming in June 2015 when his family business shut down. At that time he didn’t have anything to fall back on. But he had always had an interest in farming, and within a few days of getting the income shock warning his wheels had been put in motion and he was putting a plan into place to transition into a career as a farmer.

He contacted Curtis to visit his farm, so he could start leveraging Curtis’ experience to plan his farm and his future. Because he knew wanted to farm, but didn't want to be broke, therefore, he had to make money at it, and that meant he had to have a plan and a strategic approach.

And it’s that approach that we will be talking about in today’s show.

It’s currently February 2016 and this episode was recorded with new farmer Scott Hebert a couple of months ago in December 2015.

Let’s get into it and see what a transition into small scale farming is really like...

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