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Farm Small Farm Smart

May 24, 2023

There is no point in growing a crop if you can't sell it at a profit. Ray discusses cashing in on your hard work in Episode 10 of The Lettuce Grower Series. Ray will share some tips to market lettuce successfully and how they have increased sales and prices based on these techniques.

Diego Footer hosts this 10-part...

May 17, 2023

You've done all the work to grow a great lettuce crop. How do you get it from the field to the customer in the best condition possible? Episode 9 in The Lettuce Grower Series is a dive harvesting and packing. Ray will review strategies to get the most from your harvest and packing tips to help maximize sales. Don't...

May 10, 2023

Like most crops, lettuce has pests and diseases that target it. Episode 8 in The Lettuce Grower Series shares his experience dealing with these issues. He goes over the most common pests and diseases while giving various solutions to help prevent and remedy problems.

Diego Footer hosts this 10-part series from

May 3, 2023

Most growers struggle to grow lettuce in the heat of summer. In Episode 7 of The Lettuce Grower Series, Ray shares his advice for growing great greens in the summer. Ray share keys such as water, covering the crop, and timing.

Diego Footer hosts this 10-part series from @paperpotco, and the presenter is farmer Ray Tyler...