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Farm Small Farm Smart

Jun 30, 2020

Dr. Robert Pyne joins me to talk about the work VDF Specialty Seeds has done to develop a line of basil that is downy mildew resistant.  Throughout the episode, we core the science behind plant breeding - how to you get the traits that you want to come through, how many generations does it take, how do you stabilize...

Jun 26, 2020

What do you want to leave behind - an asset that society can build off or a liability that society has to clean up?  It's never too late to start building your legacy and do good things.


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Jun 22, 2020

Liset Garcia of Sweet Girl Farms joins me to talk about her first year of farming - how she started, what worked, and how she is evolving the business.  

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Jun 15, 2020

James Grevious of Rebels in the Garden joins me to talk about the importance of farming for the community.  Farming inspires, provides hope, brings people together, and sets a positive example.  Our conversation goes beyond business to talk about ways farming can help change a culture and bring people together.


Jun 5, 2020

Farmer Justin Gay joins me to talk about his thoughts on the murder of George Floyd while sharing his thoughts on what it is like to live life being Black in America.  While his experience is unique in his way, it showcases that there are differences between growing up black and white in a country where a lot of people...