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Farm Small Farm Smart

Aug 30, 2023

We often discourage ourselves by comparing our achievements against others to those we have no business comparing against. Set your own goals and measure against those, not others.
13:15 Farmer Jodi Roebuck @roebuckfarm discusses their steps to perfect growing beets on their farm. They now grow all beets using...

Aug 23, 2023

In the first part of the show I try to simplify farm accounting by giving you an easy way to measure the profit per bed: 
Total Revenue - $225 = Profit per 100-foot bed.
If you used this formula on most of your low-labor crops (not tomatoes), your profit margin will be fairly accurate.
14:19 Farmer Jodi Roebuck

Aug 16, 2023

The metric Dollars Per Day (DPD) is a quick and easy way to determine if one crop is more profitable than another. 
DPD is the revenue generated by a single crop in a single bed divided by the total days that crop was in that bed.
17:30 Farmer Jodi Roebuck @roebuckfarm talks about how they grow amazing carrots on...