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Farm Small Farm Smart

Jul 13, 2016

Today's show is all about farmers markets. And a big part of the conversation is dedicated to free samples.

Are the beneficial or are they a waste?

Do samples work in every case, with every product? No, but they are one way of tackling issues that every product has.

Highlighting product quality, unique product attributes, getting feedback, and telling your story are all things that you need to figure out to do somehow.

Free samples are just one of the ways to do it.

Samples aren't without their negatives either. They cost money, they take up time, they get in the way of doing transactions, and they may require additional levels of compliance if you are handling food.

But like anything and everything, it comes down to do the positives out weight the negatives for your particular context.

If they do then free samples might be the way to do. And as you will hear today, for some farmers market vendors samples work really well and they are one of the many tools in the salesman’s toolbox to help you sit back and count the money.

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