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Farm Small Farm Smart

Apr 26, 2023

Episode 6 in The Lettuce Grower Series goes deep into the details of transplanting and direct seeding. When is it advantageous to direct seed? When should you transplant? Ray will discuss why they use landscape fabric on their farm and the savings it gives them. We also consider when saving time and labor using the Paperpot Transplanter makes sense.

Diego Footer hosts this 10-part series from @paperpotco, and the presenter is farmer Ray Tyler from @rosecreekfarms.

Get Ray's book, The Farmers Guide to Growing Organic Lettuce. You can get the book here.

Ray also has an online course dedicated to growing lettuce. Learn more about the course here.

Grow a great lettuce crop with the Jang Seeder, Paperpot Transplanter, and Kwik Klik seeder.

Find tools for direct seeding, transplanting, and the nursery at